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Friday, May 30, 2008


Here in Minnesota the weather is the most casual conversation we have. It happens on the street, in the WalMart parking lot or checkout counter, in our church lobbies and from our telephones. "Is it summer yet?" "Are you sick of this snow?" "Do you think it will rain this weekend?"

We rely on people we know more than we do the weather channel. Let's face it, in MN. the weatherman is mostly wrong. While I sit at my computer on May 30th writing in my blog, I can glance out the window to the dark sky and damp surroundings and wonder to myself why the weather is on my mind. I suppose it's because of the many months of cold we endure here and how forward we look to nice days of play and work outside. Today the infamous weather will mostly contain me to the house. Again.

Here is a couple pictures of play from the very few days we have had so far, to be outside.


Jessica said...

I am hoping it warms up by mid June! I probably just turn around and not unpack my bags when I get to St. Paul if it is STILL cold there! haha

A day in the life of the Simmons said...

I am glad to see pictures on your blog :) I love the rainbow, very pretty.

Jessica said...

Yeah, I loved the rainbow, too! =)