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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Promise Card

I recieved this in the mail yesterday.

Promise Card for Those Who Mourn

Blessed are those who ache over the loss of the irreplaceable treasure of a loved one whose face can no longer receive a kiss.
Blessed are those who weep over the loss of holiness in our land, who are ashamed of the shamelessness of our culture.
Blessed are those who know the depths of pain without becoming hard and who are soft enough to learn the wisdom that only comes from tears.

Incidently, this card came from my mother.


godlover said...

The Lord is doing something wonderful with your circumstances, it's just that we can't see it because our angle of viewing is askew. One day all this will make sense to you. Things won't be any different but you'll be able to make sense of it all. It won't be until you make your own trip home with the Lord, but someday you will have all the answers to all your questions. I loved the card you got from your mom. It was very beautiful. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. Job too had no understanding or special knowledge surrounding the deaths of his children and he didn't have the answers until after he died. He simply rested on the fact that God is good. No matter what things look like, God is good. And merciful. And kind. And loving. And watchful, and a million other things. He is our all in all. He is the one constant in our ever-changing lives. When my son died I could withstand the pain because I knew God was grieving too. Of that I was absolutely certain. And I firmly believe He is grieving with you. Remember that Jesus cried over Lazarus and yet He knew He was going to bring him back to life. Still He grieved with Mary and Martha. Death is an affront and an insult to God. God is life! And He gives life to all those who perish. Some to face judgment but some to celebrate. Gretta causes celebration in heaven! And the angels teach her a new song. One of freedom and love. She may have preceded you in death but she none the less lives in the shadow of her Savior. One day you will be reunited with Gretta and the joy you experience then will be more intense and longer-lasting than the grief you feel today. What an absolutely adorable little girl she "is" or was, (depending on your take of things). Because Jesus lives, Gretta also lives. Now. Right now!! Not some undetermined time in the future but NOW!!!

Please know that I am praying for you and your family. How is Russell doing? Better, I hope. I say a special prayer for him.

Some day it won't hurt as much but that's a long, long time away. Until then you are going to need the grace of God just to get through each day. It took me years to get to the point where I could talk about him and not cry at the mention of his name. But of course, back then I didn't have the necessary faith. I didn't have the promises I now claim. I was an unbeliever and totally destitute, spiritually. But then God came calling with His grace and His love and He taught me to hope again and caused me to realize that He grieved with me. He will do the same for you in that He will make all His promises real to you. You already believe and on the other side of this blinding pain you have, you have faith in God. You know Gretta lives!!

I'm just so sorry this happened to you. It isn't fair; it isn't right. It isn't natural. It's just part of the bitter water this world produces for us to drink. But Jesus is the source of "living water" and as long as we cling to Him, He will see us through the difficult days. I would love to be able to tell you that you only have to suffer for a few days, but that would be a lie. You will hurt for a long, long time. But God is there in the midst of all this. He is reaching out and comforting you right this very minute. But I will continue to pray for you and Russell and the rest of your family. How hard this must be on all of you! I'm so, so sorry.