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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We are at the retreat. Faith's Lodge in Webster, Wisconsin. So far so good.

There is another family here that is Mung. They are great. There older two girls are Jordi and Mason's ages, there remaining son, Donovan, is Russell's age. Those two boys have been running the place ragged. Having a blast together. Charles and Lisa (the parents) are very interesting and open to Christ. We spent a couple hours together tonight sharing stories.

Their son, Nicholas was born with ADL and starting showing symptoms a year ago. He died in December. They mostly came to the retreat for their kids, which turned out to be a blessing because so did we. They have some family/cultural sprititual beliefs that range from Buddist to Shamen things. They seem undecided on anything and have even saught out palm readers and psychics to help to evaluate what they are going through. It is supposed that there is a "bad omen" on their family because along with their son, Nicholas, Charles grandmother died shortly after and two deaths within a year in the same family is considered very bad.

We had the opportunity to share with them our faith and beliefs, the hope we have now in being able to meet Gretta again and share a full, eternal life with her, beyond anything we could have even hoped to have here in this life. They were receptive or seemed to be. The conversation went well and was theraputic to us all. All the while the two 4 yr. old boys steam rolled around the entire lodge and finally lost their steam about 1/2 hr. ago.

Pray for Matt and I this week, that we will serve God's purpose here in witnessing to this couple and their family in our actions, words and with love. Also, Praise is due, as Matt and I were finishing up our conversations with Charles and Lisa, we walked into the dining room where Mason and Jordan were talking with their children, Taylor and Isabell. Jordi says, "Oh hi Mom, guess what we are doing? We are telling Taylor and Isabell about God!!" Then when Charles came over to see what the kids were doing, Taylor, their eldest said, "Dad, we are learning about God!" AND Charles says, "Yes, we were just learning a little too!" Isabell followed up with, "Yeah, I know where God is Dad, He's up there (she points overhead), with Nicholas!"

Only God knows......He is in control....I pray all the time that I only want to be where He wants me to be. Father continue to be faithful to me by giving me wisdom and words, when needed, to show YOUR love to this family.

Also they have a youngest, Emma, she is a little over one...and adorable.


Heather said...

What an amazing opportunity for your entire family! Seems like God put you in the right place at exactly the right time. I'll be praying for more chances for you to interact with this family. Your lives are a wonderful testimony to so many people!

Alex Jerry; Stephanie Jerry said...

Looks like God set your whole family up with a divine appointment! Wow. I will be praying for the right words for you both and for their hearts to be receptive. Let us know what happens!

ben and erin said...

wow!! that's incredible that you AND your children had an opportunity to share Christ with them. praying for you guys that this retreat can bring your family some emotional healing and that God will work in the mung family so they can experience spiritual healing!

georgia said...

isn't God good. how will you ever be able to hold your crowns ups.God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Im so Proud that your my sister.. what a discioke you are!! God has given you a gift of speaking and the words that you can form and put together to make such perfect sense,, not me man,, Im a mess when it comes to that LOL