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Friday, September 17, 2010

So this is drawing that was left on our doorstep during the weekend of September 4th, Gretta's "Going Home Day". We still aren't sure who did it or left it on our doorstep, so if anyone knows, please let us know as we really would love to say "thank you" to this person.
We were just amazed at the quality of this pencil drawing, it is like Gretta is alive in the picture, it is that real. The Butterfly that was added into the picture looks like it just barely landed on her hat and is about to take flight again.
What an amazing gift.
The card attached reads:
"Matt and Lesley,
It's true that masterpieces do come in small packages.
I hope this small gift helps you to remember that!
Love and Blessings
From the bottom of our grieving hearts, we thank you, whoever you are!


not2brightGRAM said...

What a lovely gesture from a kind soul. Although they apparently wish to remain anonymous, be sure our Father in heaven knows!

Jody said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I just wrote a blog post tonight on finding someone who has a need-- wow, what an example of that in these folks who did this for you!
(fyi, wanted to let you know I changed my blog title from "Forever a mommy of two" to "Beauty Will Rise".)
I love reading your thoughts...they mirror my own in many ways. Think of you often, and your sweet Gretta girl.

STAIRWAY said...

Care and diligence bring luck. Happy Tuesday.

Karol said...

I have chosen your blog for The Lovely Blog award.
Blessing to you

Anonymous said...

The drawing is beautiful; second only to the little angle it depicts.

God Bless

Please say hi to Matt and the kids for me.