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Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm pretty sure it's the long winter days, that still haven't ended. The grey days, longer now than a month ago. The wind howling through the old windows on this house. The need to still wear my gloves when I go out to warm up the car...still. It's almost April and my mind is spiraling. I am almost like an amphibian shedding it's outer layer. Things are changing inside me as well as out.

People that I have trusted, I no longer trust. Friends I thought I had, I do not. My children are betraying me by growing out of their shoes and clothes and coats and baby teeth. Everything is changing. I require spring. I need new growth. In every possible way. I am thankful for what remains constant. My God, my husband, my street address.


theultrarev said...

We had a day this week that was 19 degrees. What's up with that? Will spring ever come? Hope you are well.