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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Butterfly Memorial Garden Day

On June 6th, 2009 it will be Gretta's 3rd Birthday. It would have been.

It has been 8 months now since Gretta went home to be with Jesus. I think of her all the time of course and often wonder what she is doing in Heaven. Who she is playing with, where she is climbing to, if she is talking now, if she is still 2, or if she is growing. Most of those wonderings I will not know until I too reach the gate of Heaven. I have to admit, I cannot wait to get there.

When Gretta first died, I have to say, I wanted to go too. Maybe I just wanted to "check on her", maybe I just wanted to be with her. I did want to be with her, so badly. Now, at least most days, I want to get to Heaven to see my Saviour and seeing Gretta there too will be wonderful. As I said in my last blog, 'This world is no longer my home'. I anticipate my eternal home everyday and this has changed so much about the way I live and why I am here.

Well, that is the update. Now for the Butterfly Garden.

As you can see, the "Butterfly" has become a sort of theme around Gretta and that has everything to do with the ring that Matthew (her dad) gave me. Each of my children have a "mothers ring", that I wear for now, but they will recieve it when they come of age. Ironically, (Gretta's ring is a butterfly with the June stone for her birthday), Matt purchased my mothers ring for Gretta before getting me one for Russell's birth. I got Russell's ring months after I got Gretta's. It was a good thing, because if it would have been the other way around, who knows .

Anyway, on June 6th we are having a Butterfly Memorial Garden Day at our new home in Zimmerman, MN. We have yet to finalize the purchase of this home in Zimmerman, but all signs point to this being our new home on May 26th.

In honor of Gretta Claire Wyman we will come together for a potluck bbq, it will be all day, anytime. We will design a garden that attracts butterflies, with a bench (donated by grandparents), a rock inscripted with Gretta's name and a butterfly (donated by Auntie Jen and Uncle Brian), a birdbath (Matt and I), plants (cousin Billie and hubby) etc.

If anyone would like to donate a plant, tree, stone, whatever; to be put in the garden, you are welcome to do so but I am not asking for anyone to do that. I just want anyone to feel like a participant if they so desire to. (If we were to move at anytime, the garden goes with us.)

Whether you want to donate something or not, if you would like to come be with us on Gretta's Birthday, June 6th, 2009, please come. We will laugh, cry, share, and remember and generally with my family, we will have a good time. I want anyone who wants to be there to come and anyone who doesn't want to come, to not worry about it.

This day, will be to remember Gretta and also to celebrate God's Greatness, His Plan and Purpose and signify our family moving forward, not forgetting, but moving forward.

We miss Gretta so dearly, we want to keep her alive in hearts and we wait with the Hope of Jesus, the Son of God and the Son of Man, until we meet again.


Anonymous said...

This is such an amazing thing you planned to do I am just in awe at you how you are so with it all the time and how you touch so many of us every day and you probably don't even realize it. I would love to be part of your garden and rememrance and celebration of your beautiful little girl. If I can't make it I'll at least be with you in spirit and wishing you all a happy day! Love ya, Vicki Kemppainen

A day in the Life... said...

I think that is an awesome way to remember Gretta on her Birthday :)

Billie said...

Lesley, you are an amazing women! I agree with the first person above in that you have touched more lives than I think you realize; sending each of us on a journey of faith and hope. Gretta is a blessing and will forever be missed and remembered; leaving her handprint on the hearts of many. Count us in... we will be there on the 6th.

Billie :o)

Susiewearsthepants said...

This may not mean much to you, but after reading your blog I told everyone I know with small children to take down their corded blinds. I have two sisters with small boys. I had never heard of anything like this happening before. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I think it's incredibly brave. Saying a little prayer for you and your family.

kristi said...

hi,i am one of robin danielsons friends,she has told me to come meet you,she said we have something in commen. but i cant come to june 6th.but my prayers will be with you.i hope when you get done with gretta's garden you put pictures up here so we can see them.i go to support group and one of those are to make a garden,and i think that is so good.thanks

Amanda Bowden said...

I stumbled across your site & blog after visiting an online friends memorial for their daughter.

Can I first say how terribly sorry I am to read your story. Looking at that little video clip of her happily playing in her kitchen just brought tears to my eyes. What an adorable little girl!

I have no words to make you feel better. I wish I did.

The blind in my childrens room has now been removed. I will spread awareness to everyone I know.

I lost my daughter, but she was just 8 days old when she died. That was bad enough. Goodness knows how you must feel. :(

I create 'Angel' images. Please feel free to send me some photos of your sweetheart if you would like me make you one. My email is:

God bless you all and know that your sweet little girl is watching you with so much love and pride.