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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Pratima

This is the email I sent to another mom who lost her daughter to a window blind cord this past year. She is of Eastern Religion, but really undecided in her faith. We have been emailing for awhile and I would like you all to pray over my email and over Pratima for me. She needs the Lord, she needs the blinders to come off. This is what I sent her tonight. It is the first time I have given her the gospel clearly, although I have made it clear what I believe up until now.

The Bible says, that we as Christians do NOT know grief like those who have NO hope. Right now, Pratima does not have HOPE. Incidentally, her daughter, Nyah, died just days before their second child, also a daugther, was born. Can you imagine the trauma of losing one child while another new baby comes in? I can't.

Hi Pratima,

Let me know how your buying goes. I've been thinking about your question, "How do you explain our daughters deaths?" So many things come to mind. One thing I learned is that God is not the author of death. God is the giver and author of life. Life here on earth and Eternal Life in Heaven. Gretta and Nyah are in Heaven, of this I have NO DOUBT, none. Satan is the author of death. It is Satan's ultimate goal that we die, without knowing Christ. Because this leads to eternal damnation or hell. In cases of children who die and have not reached an age of accountability, there is no question, God takes them home where they belong, to Heaven.

There is no explanation that is sufficient to a parent, not even Heaven. We want them here with us. But God knew Nyah and Gretta's days before we even concieved them. I know that the day Gretta died was her day to die. If it wasn't the window shade cord, it would have been something else. There are so many things we cannot understand here and now, but there is a greater purpose. Maybe one of the purposes of Nyah's death is to bring you into a relationship with God. I have seen many good things come of Gretta's death, but that is not to say I wouldn't rather have her instead. Like you pointed out with your relationship to your husband. Still, God can make beautiful things out of our ashes.

I spoke at a Women's Retreat a couple weeks ago. One of the things I said was that to us, Gretta's death was a tragic, unfortunate, terrible accident. But not to God. It was never an accident to God, it was always His plan. If I think of all the ways that we can die, I think that Gretta's death was merciful. She did not suffer, she did not fear for her life, agonizing months of pain, kidnapping, etc. She slipped away like falling asleep and woke up in the arms of the Creator of the Universe, the One who made her, who loved her first, even before I did, the One who gave her to me/us in the first place. When she woke up, she was right where she knew she should be. She will never experience so much of the pain and torment of this world. Our daughters probably never knew hate, meanness, acne, wrong doing, guilt, disease, the list goes on....instead they enjoyed our full love and warmth, adored and catered to and after a brief life of that...they got Heaven. Trust me, they aren't the ones who are sad.

For them, they are safely HOME, it is we who are still here, we who suffer, we who agonize....until we meet them again.

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the LIFE, no man/woman comes to God the Father, but THROUGH me." That means we trust in Jesus' death on the cross for us, put our trust in Him, recognize our own deficits/sins that prove we come up short of Heaven on our own and in exchange for simply believing in HIM (as opposed to just "something/some higher power) we get ETERNAL life in HEAVEN. To me there is no other goal, I want to be reunited with my daughter someday...don't you?

I am praying that you will make it into a new home before thanksgiving and also that you will set your mind on a new eternal home....for forever.

May God bless you Pratima, may He open your eyes to see His truth and your heart to feel His comfort and love.
God Bless You This Day!

Lesley A. Wyman


Nicole said...

Great letter Lesley! I am hoping and praying that Pratima will recognize her need for God in her life!

Sarah said...

I will be praying, Lesley! This letter is beautiful and POWERFUL! May the Holy Spirit whisper these words in Pratima's heart as her mind takes in your words. I think of you and your loss so often....knowing that daily you must miss Gretta, wonder what she would be like right now if she was still with us, miss her in your arms. I'll keep praying for you, too!